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Feeling myself complete when it is autumn and I am watching Doctor Who in a blanket burrito.

Monday inspiration



 As I don’t have the chance to take photos of my actual outfits, I thought that I would still share some inspiration. I used to hate hoodies and really casual clothes for a few years, but now I really love them! Altough sometimes I am a bit afraid that I am not ‘cool’ enough for them and I just simply look like I don’t care. Haha.
I also love everything that’s metallic and holographic.
I love the Essence makeup brand, they are cruelty-free and cheap. I usually wear natural makeup and it’s perfect for this look.
And oh, I wish I could sip my coffe from this Tardis mug!

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Flat goals

As a casual post for Sunday I thought I would do a post about my dream flat. Once I would like to buy a house with a garden, but until that a flat is perfect. To be honest having a garden is a lot of work anyway.

Nowadays everything is about grey, white and black in interior design. Minimalism is really popular. I really like it in pictures, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a minimalist home. I like everything that’s cozy: lot of warm colors, dark wooden materials, fairy lights and candles. I would like to put extremely lot of plants in my flat, but unfortunately I can’t keep alive one single flower…


 Gondoltam, hogy hozok így vasárnapra egy egyszerű kis bejegyzést arról, hogy nagyjából milyen lenne az álomlakásom. Egyszer szeretnék majd kertes házat, de amíg nincs családom addig ellenék egy lakásban is. Őszintén, a kertes házzal elég sok a munka, szóval…

 Mostanában a lakberendezés terén a szürke, fehér, fekete színek a jellemzőek, a minimalizmus nagy divat lett. Tetszenek az ilyen stílusú lakások, házak, de nem érzem úgy, hogy az én világom lenne. Szerintem nem tudnám otthon érezni magam egy olyan lakásban. A meleg színek, sok fa anyag, kandalló, gyertyák, rengeteg könyv… Ez az én világom. Sok növényt is szeretnék, bár sajnos jelenleg egyetlen virágot se tudok életben tartani.


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Guess who’s back

After two months, here I am again(not that I have readers, but I like to pretend…).
I stopped writing because as I read back my posts I thought they are all crap. I don’t feel like that they were good enough. It felt like they were just quick thoughts I shared(altough I spent time on them). I started to think what I should write about, because I felt I am maybe not the one for movie and series reviews.
I would really like to go on adventures, take photos and share them. But oh, money, money… I don’t have a camera. I mean, I have one, but my problem is not the it is not DSLR, it is actually a digital camera that I got in like 2009? And I broke it two times. You can imagine.

Anyway, I miss having a creative place, and in the past few days I really felt motivated do something. So here I am.
I don’t want to say what I am gonna write about. I still would like to write reviews, but if I don’t have time to read, watch movies etc… probably gonna do something else. Maybe even some more personal stuff. I am planning to make a post series about little things I enjoy(maybe weekly). I really need to be more positive and enjoy small things in life. I also would like to try and add some photos that I take instead of only using pictures from tumblr. Continue reading “Guess who’s back”

Riverdale – 1-3 episodes(small spoilers for the 1st ep)

Riverdale is a new series made by The CW. New episodes are coming out every week on Netflix. I started to watch it after the second came out, and altough after these three episodes, I don’t think it will be my favorite, I would like to watch it and maybe write a review about every episode.

This series is set in Riverdale, a small town in the US. It’s about the citizens(mostly high school students) and how things start to change after a mysterious and tragical event.
As it says in the description on Imdb, it is a teen drama. To be honest probably this is the reason why I don’t feel like that it is sooo gooood, why I’m not crazy about it. Teen dramas just starting to get boring anyway, but Riverdale is actually seems similar to Pretty Little Liars with the whole ‘a teenager died tragedy’ line. I hoped that it would be a bit more exciting, but the first few episodes are more about getting to know the characters and their personal problems.


Usually, teen dramas are saved if the characters and actors are great(as usually the story isn’t the best). In Riverdale I only like Kevin and Jughead so far, and they  don’t have big roles(yet). The other characters can be a bit annoying as they make really stupid choices and I have this feeling that their characters are not well-made. Hopefully it is just because they haven’t got time to tell us their stories. Also, the fact that the characters sometimes annoying may be a good thing as they are not clearly black and white, so they are realistic.

One big positive thing is that it seems like that the creators are focusing on important topics, like slut shaming, feminism, problems with parent – child relationships.

Have you seen Riverdale? Who is your favorite character?


11th era – Doctor Who season 5-7 review

For a long time I thought that I didn’t like sci-fi and fantasy. I remember when I was 13 and I was a bit afraid to start the Harry Potter books. I thought there is a chance that I won’t like it because it’s weird – imaginary world with strange creatures…uhh.
Obviously, I fell in love with it and I read the seven books in a month. It was similar with Doctor Who.

I didn’t know much about it, just that it is a spacey, sci-fi series with like a hundred seasons. I always was a bit interested in it, but I decided that I will give it a try after I watched Sherlock and I learnt that the creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are also work on Doctor Who.
Altough, Netflix tricked me so I started with the fifth season instead of the first, but don’t worry, I’m gonna watch the previous seasons(including the classics). In general, I think that it is a lucky coincidence. I heard that even the biggest fans didn’t like the first season. And Matt Smith’s doctor is really a big reason why I love the show.



Doctor Who is about the Doctor, who is a time lord and he is travelling in time and space with his ship called Tardis. He usually has companions., and he has lots of enemies in the universe. When the Doctor is too old or he is about to die he regenerates. Usually every episode is telling a different story, but there are two-parters, and story lines that are links the episodes and makes it more exciting.
Before I started to watch it I read a question on a  forum that stucked in my mind: ‘ why should I be worried about him if he can’t die?’ That is a fair question in itself, but to be honest when there is a series with 10 seasons you usually suspect that main characters won’t die. Oh, girl, you will bite your fingernails worrying about the Doctor, not even talking about the companions.

In the fifth season the Doctor regenerates into the eleventh doctor, who is played by Matt Smith. I love how he is a silly, clumsy and reaally funny and sassy doctor. That’s what catched me in the first episode. In my opinion the first episode has the best jokes. Because yes, Doctor Who is most of the time operates with funny scenes, despite it is known as a sci-fi action. Really intelligent humor sense.
I have this feeling that the the eleventh doc will always have this special place in my heart the others won’t be able to compete with him. Maybe because he was the first doctor for me, maybe because he has this beautiful kind, young attractive face… I only know that I wish he could stay. And same with the companions: I liked Amy since the first few moments. I love how she is a strong, brave but sassy girl. I didn’t like Rory in the beginning, but then his character developed a lot.
And for my biggest surprise I happened to even like some of the ‘weird’ creatures: Vastra ‘the lizard’ women for example. As much as I hated her in the beginning, she is now one of my favorite with her partner Jenny.
Well, to be honest, besides Amy and the Doctor I hated most of the characters, but now I love so many of them. Some of them because I got to know them better, some of them because they are so well-made and interesting creatures.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into more details without spoilers.


First of all, now we can finally talk with spoilers: Am I not the only one who shipedd the Doctor with Amy, right? I guess this is the reason why I didn’t like Rory. Altough, in the beginning he seemed like a coward, boring looser. He moaned about being on the Tardis, like seriously boy…? He wanted to live in a dull small village instead of travelling in time and space. Also, I really thought that Amy didn’t even loved him. I started to like him after he waited two thousand years for Amy, and I realised that they are perfect together. But the highlight was around ‘Let’s kill Hitler!’: When he does the ‘hail Hitler’ and kick out the soldier- badass Rory finally. Not to mention that he is actually really good-looking with aging in the seventh season.
Amy: Oh, I really don’t understand why some people say that she is annoying. Okay, lot of the time she gets in trouble because she doesn’t listen to what the Doctor says, but in the end she helps to get out of the situation, and oh, she is really brave and a strong female character.
In my opinion the seventh season went down on the hill after they died. I like Clara, but  somehow with Amy and Rory it was more exciting, more fun. Also, the Doctor wasn’t the same after they were gone. It was really heartbreaking. And I wish Amy could be there with the Doctor when he regenerated.


River also wasn’t the most simpathic to me, but when we get to know that she wasn’t bad at all I liked her, and when I get to know that HER AND THE DOCTOR! And then it turned out that she is the child of the Ponds made to kill the Doctor… That was the best plot.
I am a bit sad that we don’t have more scenes with eleventh and River. There are still so many things I don’t know about their relationship and I hope that I will get some answers in the next seasons. I know lot of people think the eleventh and River is bizarre because of the age difference, but hey, the Doctor is more than a thousand years old at this point!


The fifth season was the best in the eleventh era in my opinion, beside the third episode, I liked all of them. And it has the best finale. Altough, my favorite was probably’The impossible astroanout'(with the second part of it ‘Day of the Moon’). But it is really hard to pick one that is definitely my favorite, as every episode has a different feeling, tone.

I knew I will cry my heart out when this doctor regenarete, but the way it happened broke my heart. He was protecting a city for 300 hundred years without his companion and he became old. It was really tragical, but something that the Doctor would definitely do.

I am a little bit afraid that I won’t enjoy the other Doctor’s other faces after this era, but I have hope. David Tennant seemed similar to him in ‘The day of the doctor’, and I have seen a few episodes with Capaldi and he is not bad. But all ending are sad and horrible. I don’t like endings.

Favorite episode from the fifth season: Vincent and the doctor
Favorite episode from the sixth season: The impossible astronaut(with the second part)
Favorite episode from the seventh season: Dinosaurs on a spaceship
Favorite special(and probably this can be my all time favorite): A christmas carol
Altough, it is really hard to pick favorites, and I may now say that these are my faves, but I will see when I rewatch them once…

Also it is really funny that I am not as good with knowing as many actors as I would like to be, but even I realised many actors in the Doctor Who, for example in the ‘Dinosaurs on a spaceship’ Arthur Weasley and Filch from Harry Potter plus Lestrade from Sherlock are together on a spaceship! With dinosaurs!(It was also fun to see Jack Randall from Outlander murdered by an ice warrior, haha)

Well, now I am gonna go and try to love 12th. Altough, maybe not too much as he just announced the next season will be his last one.

Who is your favorite Doctor? Did you like Matt Smith as the doctor? Who would you like to be the 13rd?


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BBC Sherlock season 4

 I think that everyone on this planet knows when Sherlock is on, because the fandom goes crazy. It happened again, and it was so exciting to be part of it this time.
I am a really slow series watcher. Because of this, it was my first time ever that I could join in a new season and I watched the episodes live and then discuss, make theories, try not to die until next Sunday… I loved it!

 This season of Sherlock was darker than the previous ones. It doesn’t give so many giggles(but when it does, oh…it’s fantastic), but tears – so many tears.
It was obviously different, but I still loved it. I think lot of people didn’t like it because it was absolutely not something they expected. In my opinion this is the reason why it was really good. It would be boring if we could predict what will happen.

 I can’t write more about it without spoilers, so only click on read more if you don’t mind them!


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The Imitation Game review

I watched this movie without knowing anyhing about Alan Turing. In fact, I only read one sentence about it on Imdb: “During World War II, mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians. “. Beside this I heard so many people saying that it is really good, so I had it on my watchlist since it was released. With my new love for Benedict, it was the perfect time to finally watch it.

First of all, I fell in love with the setting. I have a thing for England in itself, but if it is England in the fourties-fifties then oh… I am already sold. The World War obviously gives it a serious tone, but I didnt sit down expecting a funny story anyway. I have to say it was different from what I thought it will be, but in a good way. I loved the fact that we could see a lot from Alan Turing himself and not just him breaking the enigma.


I wasn’t sure about Turing’s character in the beginning – if I will like him or not. He seemed a bit arrogant and full with himself. But as the story was going further I started to like him. He was such a strong person as he didnt give up on what he believed in. It’s really inspiring. I also liked his weirdness and shyness.

The story isn’t the most exciting as most people know the ending. Altough as I said, I didn’t know much of Turing’s life so I had a few things that surprised me. But even for those who know the story, I think it can be interesting to learn more about it, and see the process.

This was the first movie of my Benedict Cumberbatch watchlist. I have to say that his acting skills amaze me. After Sherlock it was a bit strange to see him as a stutterer, self-doubting person, but he played it very well.
I am not a big fan of Keira Knightley, but I actually started to like her in this movie. I am glad that with her character the movie had a bit of feminism.


 Warning: spoilers after the ‘read more’ tag.(Altough if you know the story and Turing’s life it is not spoiler)

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BBC Sherlock (spoiler free review)

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I had plenty of time, so I binge watched BCC Sherlock. I wanted to watch this series for a few years now, but I had other shows I was more interested in. I also wasn’t really sure that it will be my cup of tea as I am not a huuuge fan of crime shows. I don’t know if I am glad that I watched it now so I didn’t have to wait so long between the seasons, or If I’m sad because I didn’t get the excitement of waiting and guessing. Anyway, it is so much better than I thought it will be, and I’m not kidding when I say that it is my favorite show.

I think it is important to say that this show is different from the typical crime shows and as far as I know, even the previous Sherlock Holmes stories. As I said, I am not a big fan of those kind of shows that are just simply about different cases in each episode and the main detective solving them. I like that there are links between the murders and cases, and the characters personal lives get a bit more attention. If you are all about the typical crime stories you may won’t like this, but I would still give it a go.

 I fell in love with Sherlock’s character in 0,005 seconds. His lack of social skills cause so many funny scenes, but him being a genious amaze me every episode(Not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting which is out of this world by they way).
John is there for Sherlock to complete him and be more human and polite. His doctor and soldier past can be handy on the London battlefield tough.
Beside the two main characters, I feel like that there is maybe one person who I am not a big fan of(she appears in the third season), but other than that everyone is so lovely and well-worked out. I even like the villains in an odd way(And I am usually not the person who likes the bad guys). Mrs. Hudson is one of my favorite, I love how she looks like a poor elderly widow, but she can be real sassy if it comes to it.


 I also can’t leave out the fact how beautifully made this series is. I’ve always felt like the british put more effort into making tv shows visually nice(perhaps the reason why there are less episodes per season) and oh, this is a perfect example for that! The edits between the scenes can be shockingly well-made.
The actors are all amazing. You can’t even find the tiniest muscle on their faces that is not relevant to the role they are playing.

 It is also worth to mention the type of humor that this show has: it is really intelligent, clever, and that is the absolutely winning factor for me. I love dramas. I live for dramas. But as my life can be sometimes fulfilled with them, I like it if I can have some giggles at the end of the day. As I am not the kind of person who enjoys the fart-racist-vulgar, ‘trying too hard to be funny’thing, this show is just the perfect entertainment for me. I never laughed as hard on a comedy movie as I have on this series.


 Talking about dramas: It is brilliant how the creators can manage the drama and the action in this story. I love it how lot of the times they make the drama so dramatic that you just can’t take it(pool scene in season one, fight scene in A Scandal In Belgravia). They don’t take themselves too seriously on this case usually(not talking about the new season tough, planning another post for that) and this is one of the reason why it is unique. Probably the reason why it became this popular.

 I am Sherlocked, that is for sure.

 I am planning a bit more detailed review, perhaps one post per season, but I wanted to post this general review without spoilers.

 Do you like BBC Sherlock? Who is your fave? OTP?

All pictures from tumblr.

Something new

So, as you can see, I  haven’t been really good at this blogging thing. Lot of the time I even forget that I have this site… Let alone making posts.

Anyway, because I would like to motivate myself for writing and to watch more movies and read more books, I will mainly write reviews of these from now on.

I have some posts planned: I binge watched BBC Sherlock in the winter break and I loved it, so I have to write about it! (Also, two days until the new episode yaaaaay – fangirl time)
Also I may write about a few movies I watched, such as About time, Dream Boy, Love the Coopers. So if you would like to read my opinion on these, come back soon!

Oh, and Sherlock made me obsessed over this BEAUTIFUL human being, so I will probably watch every single one of his movies.

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