September’s cozy playlist


– The Smith – Heaven knows I’m miserable now – play

– Leon Bridges – Coming home – play

– The PAPER KITES – Woodland – play

– Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – play


Just wanted to share my fave songs of the month. Thanks for the attention. Bye




Room planning

Room planning


I am moving to downstairs from my current room and I am so excited to plan the room. As it is now completely empty, I can even choose the floor and the color of the wall.
I said a few posts ago that I like minimalism but it’s just not for me, but here I am. I kind of feel like that this collage is actually pretty minimalist? Uh, I don’t know. But If I could make my room really similar to this I would be really happy.
 My biggest problem is the color of the wall. As I would like to have darker furnitures I think I could have white walls, but I also think that a dark grey would make it really unique, or a nice capuccino would be cozy. The problem with dark grey is that as I really want dark floors it probably would make it too dark and small.
Also I would love to have this beautiful shade of yellow. I want to have a pop of color and I just feel like that I can pair this color with everything. It can look nice with pink, blue, red… basically everything.
One thiing that I am really unsure about is if I can mix the dark wooden furnitures with the white ones? Like probably I would have a white bed and dressing table and I am a bit afraid that it wouldn’t fit. What do you think?
 Elköltözöm! Oké, csak a felső szintről az alsóra, de akkoris nagyon izgatott vagyok. Tervezem a szobám, és ehhez az összeállításhoz hasonlót szeretnék. Sötét parketta, sötét fa bútorok, ezzel a gyönyörű sárga színnel párosítva…Nagyon jó lenne ha sikerülne megvalósítani.
Van néhány dolog amiben elég bizonytalan vagyok így örülnék ha egy kicsit segítenétek. Ilyen például a fal színe. Mivel mindenképpen sötét padlót és bútorokat szeretnék, ezért gondoltam arra, hogy sima fehér lehetne, de félek, hogy hamar koszolódna, illetve kicsit kopárnak tűnne. Előnnye lenn viszont, hogy kicsit tágasabbnak tűnne tőle a szoba. A szürke is eszembe jutott, kicsit elegánsabb, különlegesebb lenne tőle a szoba, de félek, hogy nagyon sötét lenne tőle az összkép. A capuccino színt is imádom, de nem vagyok benne biztos, hogy illene a képeken látható fa bútorokhoz.
Végül a másik nagy dilemma: A sminkes asztalom és valószínűleg az ágyam is fehér lenne. Kicsit félek, hogy megbontaná az egységet és nem nézne ki jól.
Ti mit gondoltok?



Songs I love atm

I thought it may be helpful to write a post about songs I like, as I struggle finding new songs, artists.
My taste in music is reaally colorful. I like pop music, jazz, rock, indie, chillstep… But to be honest I am not really good at putting music into categories. The songs I am gonna show you today are a bit gloomy, but beautiful.


 Sokszor nehezen találok zenéket, előadókat, szerintem ezzel nem vagyok egyedül. Úgy érzem jó ötlet egy olyan bejegyzés ahol megmutatom néhány jelenlegi kedvencemet.
Nagyon színes az ízlésem zenei téren, szinte minden műfajt kedvelek.
A mai válogatás kicsit melankólikusabb zenékből áll, amiket jelenleg lehet, hogy hanyagolnom kellene, mert egyébként sem vagyok a legjobb kedvemben. De annyira gyönyörűek ezek a számok…

Conan Gray – Idle Town – play
I found Conan’s channel like two weeks ago, and I love him. He is really talented, artsy, and cute. His videos are soo amazingly edited. Idle Town is my favorite song by Conan.


Dodie – Intertwined – play


Charlie Spadone Soko cover – We might be dead tomorrow – play
 I love the original too, but oh, the rain and storm sound in this one…


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Monday inspiration



 As I don’t have the chance to take photos of my actual outfits, I thought that I would still share some inspiration. I used to hate hoodies and really casual clothes for a few years, but now I really love them! Altough sometimes I am a bit afraid that I am not ‘cool’ enough for them and I just simply look like I don’t care. Haha.
I also love everything that’s metallic and holographic.
I love the Essence makeup brand, they are cruelty-free and cheap. I usually wear natural makeup and it’s perfect for this look.
And oh, I wish I could sip my coffe from this Tardis mug!

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Flat goals

As a casual post for Sunday I thought I would do a post about my dream flat. Once I would like to buy a house with a garden, but until that a flat is perfect. To be honest having a garden is a lot of work anyway.

Nowadays everything is about grey, white and black in interior design. Minimalism is really popular. I really like it in pictures, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a minimalist home. I like everything that’s cozy: lot of warm colors, dark wooden materials, fairy lights and candles. I would like to put extremely lot of plants in my flat, but unfortunately I can’t keep alive one single flower…


 Gondoltam, hogy hozok így vasárnapra egy egyszerű kis bejegyzést arról, hogy nagyjából milyen lenne az álomlakásom. Egyszer szeretnék majd kertes házat, de amíg nincs családom addig ellenék egy lakásban is. Őszintén, a kertes házzal elég sok a munka, szóval…

 Mostanában a lakberendezés terén a szürke, fehér, fekete színek a jellemzőek, a minimalizmus nagy divat lett. Tetszenek az ilyen stílusú lakások, házak, de nem érzem úgy, hogy az én világom lenne. Szerintem nem tudnám otthon érezni magam egy olyan lakásban. A meleg színek, sok fa anyag, kandalló, gyertyák, rengeteg könyv… Ez az én világom. Sok növényt is szeretnék, bár sajnos jelenleg egyetlen virágot se tudok életben tartani.


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Guess who’s back

After two months, here I am again(not that I have readers, but I like to pretend…).
I stopped writing because as I read back my posts I thought they are all crap. I don’t feel like that they were good enough. It felt like they were just quick thoughts I shared(altough I spent time on them). I started to think what I should write about, because I felt I am maybe not the one for movie and series reviews.
I would really like to go on adventures, take photos and share them. But oh, money, money… I don’t have a camera. I mean, I have one, but my problem is not the it is not DSLR, it is actually a digital camera that I got in like 2009? And I broke it two times. You can imagine.

Anyway, I miss having a creative place, and in the past few days I really felt motivated do something. So here I am.
I don’t want to say what I am gonna write about. I still would like to write reviews, but if I don’t have time to read, watch movies etc… probably gonna do something else. Maybe even some more personal stuff. I am planning to make a post series about little things I enjoy(maybe weekly). I really need to be more positive and enjoy small things in life. I also would like to try and add some photos that I take instead of only using pictures from tumblr. Continue reading “Guess who’s back”

First thoughts over my evening tea

As I am here, an almost twenty years old, so called woman, I got mental breakdowns on a daily basis, mostly because I feel that I am a failure at everything. I have huge plans, so I probably should have work my not so tiny arse off, every single day, but instead: here I am, laying on my bed with my cat, an empty Cheetos bag, and tons of lack of motivation. Mostly I made this blog because this is a great practise for my english, and also, as there are many stressful weeks ahead of me, I feel like, that it is good to have a place where I can get some things off my shoulder.

 I used to be passionate about writing, but somehow, somewhere along the way, I am afraid that I have lost it. Probably for a person who wants to be hairdresser or a lawyer, it isn’t such a big deal to get rid of something they used to love. For me although, it is a quite scary thing, because I am willing to be a journalist. I wanted to own a blog for a reaaally long time, but because I don’t own a camera to take pretty pictures, I thought that nah, I will wait until I can make it perfect with beautiful images. I realised, that I have way more important things(unfortunately) to spend my money on, so it not seems like that it will happen in the near future. So here I am, trying to do this, not taking myself too seriously, enjoying myself while hopefully getting into writing again, developping my english writing skills.

Perhaps, I should start with introducing to you. My name is Tímea, I am living in Hungary, I am a senior in high school. As you already know, I want to be a journalist, I would like to study in Scotland or England. I am interested in books, movies, makeup, fashion, sewing and baking – so these topics will probably be found on this page. I am a whole-souled feminist and a trior optimist. Unfortunately, way more shy than I would like to be.

 Feel free to correct me please.

Love and all,