I think that everyone on this planet knows when Sherlock is on, because the fandom goes crazy. It happened again, and it was so exciting to be part of it this time.
I am a really slow series watcher. Because of this, it was my first time ever that I could join in a new season and I watched the episodes live and then discuss, make theories, try not to die until next Sunday… I loved it!

 This season of Sherlock was darker than the previous ones. It doesn’t give so many giggles(but when it does, oh…it’s fantastic), but tears – so many tears.
It was obviously different, but I still loved it. I think lot of people didn’t like it because it was absolutely not something they expected. In my opinion this is the reason why it was really good. It would be boring if we could predict what will happen.

 I can’t write more about it without spoilers, so only click on read more if you don’t mind them!


 Let’s start with The Six Thatchers. In the whole season this was my least favorite episode, altough, it still had some great scenes. I loved how they started with some funny scenes: Sherlock being on twitter all the time, giving Rosie a little speech about the rattle, Sherlock pretending he doesn’t know who is Margaret Thatcher – the sense of humour I love in this show. In the beginning the case was interesting, but then it got a bit mashed with Mary’s story that I didn’t really enjoy as I didn’t like her character. I knew that she is probably gonna die from the Conan Doyle stories, and to be honest I was actually looking forward to it. But I wasn’t happy how she died. It just seemed really pointless and too dramatic. In my opinion Mary’s death was the biggest mistake during the whole series, and I hoped until the last episode that they will make it better somehow. Then John started to blame Sherlock, and it was really unexpected for me and shocking. It made my little Johnlock heart broken. It was dissapoointing too that John kind of cheated on Mary.

 The Lying Detective was so much more exciting and even with all the plots it wasn’t too much. Mrs. Hudson being a badass was the best thing in the whole episode tough!
Culverton Smith was the scariest villain, the talent and character of the actor was so perfect match for him. I sat on the edge of my seat during the episode. I really thought for a few seconds that Sherlock lost it, also worth to mention the heartbreaking scene when John kicks him and says he is the reason why Mary died. I would never think that this whole thing would have to do anything with Mary’s video message.
In the end, it is great that Sherlock and John are back together, and to be honest after the end of the first episode we really deserved that beautiful hug. At that moment I thought that Johnlock is possible. And then Eurus.


 And then, The Final Problem. After it turned out that Culverton Smith wasn’t really the main villain of this season I had no idea what to expect. I mean… before the episode got leaked and I got tons of spoilers because I could not keep myself off Instagram. That was horrible, and I hoped that it was a plan or something, but it wasn’t. Anyway, I think it was so clever to make their secret sister into a ‘villain’. My favorite scene was the ‘I love you’ scene with Molly. Altough it was horribly sad, it was so different from what I thought it will be(from the trailer). I was a bit dissappointed that they didn’t give us a scene with Sherlock and Molly after all of this happened.

Overall, the whole episode was plots and plots and I read so many people complaining about plot holes, but as I watched it it didn’t feel like that there were any. It was extremely exciting from the first minute until the last, the characters developed so much from the first episode of the season, and oh, emotional roller coaster.(Altough I am planning to rewatch the season again, maybe even the whole show and it’s possible that I will see them, as I know that most of the fans have seen all of the episodes hundred times they probably realised things that I haven’t, as I am a new member of the fandom).

 And yep, the finale scene does really look like a finale scene. But it’s not necessarily the end of the show. Steven Moffat said they don’t want to leave it on a cliffhanger as they don’t know when they will be able to continue, but they would love to make more. So they left it on a point where they can pick it up, but if it’s the end it’s still okay.


I just can’t publish this without mentioning Johnlock. Personally, I really wanted it to be a thing. By that, I don’t mean a kiss. But to be honest, in this show it was more than a friendship between Holmes and Watson. In my opinion from both sides, but at least from Sherlock’s. I know some people says it would ruin Sherlock’s character to be that emotional, but gosh, he is emotional already, so why it would matter?
There were some scenes that we could take just as jokes, but if you think about them they weren’t. Like, Mrs.Hudson knew them very well, and she suggested that they were a couple.
After this season it is clear to me that Johnlock won’t be canon. I hoped Moftiss only said that it won’t be so it would be a bigger surprise. I am truly sad, but of course I don’t hate the show or Steven Moffat or Gatiss, or anyone! And please, please don’t write really hateful things to them, because they created this amazing show with hard work. They made a decision that we have to accept even if we are not happy.


 To be honest I could write about so many things: people hating on Moffat because of what he said about Molly’s character, people hating on Moftiss because queer bating, the theories of the fourth episode… So many things happened, but this post is long already, so would you like me to write about these topicsin a another one?

 Did you like this season?

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