For a long time I thought that I didn’t like sci-fi and fantasy. I remember when I was 13 and I was a bit afraid to start the Harry Potter books. I thought there is a chance that I won’t like it because it’s weird – imaginary world with strange creatures…uhh.
Obviously, I fell in love with it and I read the seven books in a month. It was similar with Doctor Who.

I didn’t know much about it, just that it is a spacey, sci-fi series with like a hundred seasons. I always was a bit interested in it, but I decided that I will give it a try after I watched Sherlock and I learnt that the creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are also work on Doctor Who.
Altough, Netflix tricked me so I started with the fifth season instead of the first, but don’t worry, I’m gonna watch the previous seasons(including the classics). In general, I think that it is a lucky coincidence. I heard that even the biggest fans didn’t like the first season. And Matt Smith’s doctor is really a big reason why I love the show.



Doctor Who is about the Doctor, who is a time lord and he is travelling in time and space with his ship called Tardis. He usually has companions., and he has lots of enemies in the universe. When the Doctor is too old or he is about to die he regenerates. Usually every episode is telling a different story, but there are two-parters, and story lines that are links the episodes and makes it more exciting.
Before I started to watch it I read a question on a  forum that stucked in my mind: ‘ why should I be worried about him if he can’t die?’ That is a fair question in itself, but to be honest when there is a series with 10 seasons you usually suspect that main characters won’t die. Oh, girl, you will bite your fingernails worrying about the Doctor, not even talking about the companions.

In the fifth season the Doctor regenerates into the eleventh doctor, who is played by Matt Smith. I love how he is a silly, clumsy and reaally funny and sassy doctor. That’s what catched me in the first episode. In my opinion the first episode has the best jokes. Because yes, Doctor Who is most of the time operates with funny scenes, despite it is known as a sci-fi action. Really intelligent humor sense.
I have this feeling that the the eleventh doc will always have this special place in my heart the others won’t be able to compete with him. Maybe because he was the first doctor for me, maybe because he has this beautiful kind, young attractive face… I only know that I wish he could stay. And same with the companions: I liked Amy since the first few moments. I love how she is a strong, brave but sassy girl. I didn’t like Rory in the beginning, but then his character developed a lot.
And for my biggest surprise I happened to even like some of the ‘weird’ creatures: Vastra ‘the lizard’ women for example. As much as I hated her in the beginning, she is now one of my favorite with her partner Jenny.
Well, to be honest, besides Amy and the Doctor I hated most of the characters, but now I love so many of them. Some of them because I got to know them better, some of them because they are so well-made and interesting creatures.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into more details without spoilers.


First of all, now we can finally talk with spoilers: Am I not the only one who shipedd the Doctor with Amy, right? I guess this is the reason why I didn’t like Rory. Altough, in the beginning he seemed like a coward, boring looser. He moaned about being on the Tardis, like seriously boy…? He wanted to live in a dull small village instead of travelling in time and space. Also, I really thought that Amy didn’t even loved him. I started to like him after he waited two thousand years for Amy, and I realised that they are perfect together. But the highlight was around ‘Let’s kill Hitler!’: When he does the ‘hail Hitler’ and kick out the soldier- badass Rory finally. Not to mention that he is actually really good-looking with aging in the seventh season.
Amy: Oh, I really don’t understand why some people say that she is annoying. Okay, lot of the time she gets in trouble because she doesn’t listen to what the Doctor says, but in the end she helps to get out of the situation, and oh, she is really brave and a strong female character.
In my opinion the seventh season went down on the hill after they died. I like Clara, but  somehow with Amy and Rory it was more exciting, more fun. Also, the Doctor wasn’t the same after they were gone. It was really heartbreaking. And I wish Amy could be there with the Doctor when he regenerated.


River also wasn’t the most simpathic to me, but when we get to know that she wasn’t bad at all I liked her, and when I get to know that HER AND THE DOCTOR! And then it turned out that she is the child of the Ponds made to kill the Doctor… That was the best plot.
I am a bit sad that we don’t have more scenes with eleventh and River. There are still so many things I don’t know about their relationship and I hope that I will get some answers in the next seasons. I know lot of people think the eleventh and River is bizarre because of the age difference, but hey, the Doctor is more than a thousand years old at this point!


The fifth season was the best in the eleventh era in my opinion, beside the third episode, I liked all of them. And it has the best finale. Altough, my favorite was probably’The impossible astroanout'(with the second part of it ‘Day of the Moon’). But it is really hard to pick one that is definitely my favorite, as every episode has a different feeling, tone.

I knew I will cry my heart out when this doctor regenarete, but the way it happened broke my heart. He was protecting a city for 300 hundred years without his companion and he became old. It was really tragical, but something that the Doctor would definitely do.

I am a little bit afraid that I won’t enjoy the other Doctor’s other faces after this era, but I have hope. David Tennant seemed similar to him in ‘The day of the doctor’, and I have seen a few episodes with Capaldi and he is not bad. But all ending are sad and horrible. I don’t like endings.

Favorite episode from the fifth season: Vincent and the doctor
Favorite episode from the sixth season: The impossible astronaut(with the second part)
Favorite episode from the seventh season: Dinosaurs on a spaceship
Favorite special(and probably this can be my all time favorite): A christmas carol
Altough, it is really hard to pick favorites, and I may now say that these are my faves, but I will see when I rewatch them once…

Also it is really funny that I am not as good with knowing as many actors as I would like to be, but even I realised many actors in the Doctor Who, for example in the ‘Dinosaurs on a spaceship’ Arthur Weasley and Filch from Harry Potter plus Lestrade from Sherlock are together on a spaceship! With dinosaurs!(It was also fun to see Jack Randall from Outlander murdered by an ice warrior, haha)

Well, now I am gonna go and try to love 12th. Altough, maybe not too much as he just announced the next season will be his last one.

Who is your favorite Doctor? Did you like Matt Smith as the doctor? Who would you like to be the 13rd?


All images and gifs from tumblr.