Riverdale is a new series made by The CW. New episodes are coming out every week on Netflix. I started to watch it after the second came out, and altough after these three episodes, I don’t think it will be my favorite, I would like to watch it and maybe write a review about every episode.

This series is set in Riverdale, a small town in the US. It’s about the citizens(mostly high school students) and how things start to change after a mysterious and tragical event.
As it says in the description on Imdb, it is a teen drama. To be honest probably this is the reason why I don’t feel like that it is sooo gooood, why I’m not crazy about it. Teen dramas just starting to get boring anyway, but Riverdale is actually seems similar to Pretty Little Liars with the whole ‘a teenager died tragedy’ line. I hoped that it would be a bit more exciting, but the first few episodes are more about getting to know the characters and their personal problems.


Usually, teen dramas are saved if the characters and actors are great(as usually the story isn’t the best). In Riverdale I only like Kevin and Jughead so far, and they  don’t have big roles(yet). The other characters can be a bit annoying as they make really stupid choices and I have this feeling that their characters are not well-made. Hopefully it is just because they haven’t got time to tell us their stories. Also, the fact that the characters sometimes annoying may be a good thing as they are not clearly black and white, so they are realistic.

One big positive thing is that it seems like that the creators are focusing on important topics, like slut shaming, feminism, problems with parent – child relationships.

Have you seen Riverdale? Who is your favorite character?