Songs I love atm

I thought it may be helpful to write a post about songs I like, as I struggle finding new songs, artists.
My taste in music is reaally colorful. I like pop music, jazz, rock, indie, chillstep… But to be honest I am not really good at putting music into categories. The songs I am gonna show you today are a bit gloomy, but beautiful.


 Sokszor nehezen találok zenéket, előadókat, szerintem ezzel nem vagyok egyedül. Úgy érzem jó ötlet egy olyan bejegyzés ahol megmutatom néhány jelenlegi kedvencemet.
Nagyon színes az ízlésem zenei téren, szinte minden műfajt kedvelek.
A mai válogatás kicsit melankólikusabb zenékből áll, amiket jelenleg lehet, hogy hanyagolnom kellene, mert egyébként sem vagyok a legjobb kedvemben. De annyira gyönyörűek ezek a számok…

Conan Gray – Idle Town – play
I found Conan’s channel like two weeks ago, and I love him. He is really talented, artsy, and cute. His videos are soo amazingly edited. Idle Town is my favorite song by Conan.


Dodie – Intertwined – play


Charlie Spadone Soko cover – We might be dead tomorrow – play
 I love the original too, but oh, the rain and storm sound in this one…


Arctic Monkeys – No. I Party Anthem – play
 Arctic Monkeys is really special to me. I love them for a good few years now and that is rare for me. I usually love a band/artist for a few months, I listen to them 24/7 and then I will never ever listen to them(only maybe as a nostalgia).
Oh, and a fun fact: Alex Turner is my secret husband.


Gabriella Lindley Niall Horan – This town – play

Lucy Moon & Dodie Oh Wonder cover- All we do – play


What is your favorite song at the moment?

Love, Tímea


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